About HH

HH Catamarans came together in early 2012 and set about developing a new brand, something extraordinary. The name HH has since come to represent their personal commitment to the quality and success of every boat they build.

This is a new generation of luxury high performance cruising cats - the goal here is to take multihull yachting to the next level.

To put the brand to test they first created the HH42, a Grand Prix high technology racing yacht. This monohull was designed to be a race winner and was built using 100% prepreg carbon; America's Cup-style construction. And it worked. To date five boats have been built and are winning regattas world wide.

Encouraged by their success and driven by their passion, Hudson and Paul continued their pursuit for perfection, next setting their sights on creating the greatest luxury performance catamaran possible. And so the HH66 was born.

Today the HH Catamaran family includes the HH55 and the HH66, and continues to grow with our newest arrivals - the HH77, HH88 and HH48 - on the not too distant horizon.

Hudson Wang

Hudson Wang


Hudson is the Owner and Founder of Hudson Yacht and Marine. An extremely experienced and successful manufacturer, Hudson's business enterprise includes the production of goods for many of the world's best know sporting equipment brands. In 2009 Hudson began to focus his business and manufacturing skills on his passion for boats. He established HYM and began building partnerships with world renowned brands like Gunboat, J Boats, and luxury British yacht brand, Pearl. Through these partnerships he began to work towards his personal mission - to build the world’s finest yachts for both the Asian and world markets. After many successful contract builds Hudson set his sights on developing his own brand of world class yachts, and HH Catamarans was born.