South Bound

The Southerly migration has begun with HH66-05 FLASH sailing from Annapolis to the Exumas in the Bahamas last week. The six day delivery was a blast; light and easy conditions across the gulf stream followed by a 48-hour downwind sleigh ride with 25 kts on the port quarter. Under double reef and staysail, FLASH hurled down the faces of 6-8ft waves with sustained speeds in the high teens and low twenties and a top speed of 27.9kts. Once in the Exumas, FLASH got in a good upwind workout, sailing from Cat Island to Great Exuma with 30kts TWS on the nose. On arrival in Emerald Bay, boat and crew were warmly welcomed by the friendly Bahamian people, and delighted by the sights, sounds and flavors of the islands.

FLASH is the first of five HH Catamarans planning to sail south this winter. Of the 66s R-SIX and Nala will join Flash, along with the two 55s, Minnehaha and Hai Feng, and all expected to eventually converge in the Caribbean in late February. A number of regattas and social events are filling the calendar - we can't wait to see the HH fleet together in full force!