BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

Gino Morrelli is onboard Nala again this week for the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival. Here is his onboard report from yesterday's Nanny Cay Cup warm-up race.

BVI Spring Regatta Report:
March 28, 2017 - Nanny Cay Cup
Short course. 11nm. 7-10 kts TWS @205. Smooth water.

HH66 Nala, GB66 Extreme H2O, Kelsall 47 Triple Jack, Irens designed GB60 Arethusa, Outremer 5X Dominator

We on HH66-03 Nala got a good starboard tack pin end start to leeward and ahead of H20 with our J1. H20 were hampered by a daggerboard issue but slowly rolled us but tacked away. They found a bit more pressure on the right. Corinthian owner driver Jim Vos steered HH66 Nala all the way around the course. The 3.5 nm beat to Pelican Island was in 7-10 kts of breeze. We rounded 4 min back of Extreme H20. We reached the 2 nm to Flannigan Island and rounded second with Triple Jack third, Arethusa fourth and Dominator fifth.

We set our R1 reacher and headed back to Pelican. We made up some ground on H20 with better sail choice it seemed. Re-rounded Pelican island and headed back to Flannigan with our J1. Once clear, we beared away and set our A4 and chased after H20 back to Nanny Cay. At times sailing lower and faster. Results can be found on line. We finished 5:01 min behind H20 after 113 min of sailing or approx 4.4% .

Interesting for Nala is most of the time delta with Extreme H2O occurred on the first beat. Approx 4 min of the 5 min delta....

Remember to stay tuned this weekend for his daily reports from Tortola!