HH55-02: Out of Paint Booth

HH55-02 left the paint booth this week, giving us our first look at the newly completed hulls and it's another great job from the HH paint team.

Every HH Catamaran launched to date has been striking, unique and visually distinct. HH66-01 and 02 owners both chose a clear coat carbon finish for their hulls (with 66-02's owner adding green dragon eye vinyls on the bow!) whilst HH66-03 left the yard with glittering hazelnut-gold hulls. The most recent 66 launch, HH66-05, sports a metallic blue paint job and might be the most eye popping launch so far.

For the HH55 series, both owners have chosen more classic looks, with HH55-01 opting for baby blue hulls and and now HH55-02 with her beautiful Pearl Grey finish.