A short clip from the team stepping the mast on HH55-01 "Miniehaha"

HH Catamaran HH66-03 flying a hull at 20+ knots on day 5 of sea trials. An excited Bruce Livingston (VP) caught it on camera from the starboard transom.
Gino Morrelli joins the HH Catamaran and R-SIX crew for the delivery aboard HH6601 from Cannes to Mallorca.

Welcome aboard HH6601. Take a tour of this impressive boat as she sails the blue waters of Mallorca.

Commissioning captain Chris Bailet shares onboard footage from R-SIX.


HH Catamarans begins sea trials on HH6601 in Xiamen, China.

A collection of footage from HH6601's launch day and sea trials.


Scenes from the HYM yard as the HH team prepares to launch HH6601.

The HH88 is a testament to the design brilliance of Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin.


Raw footage from sea trials aboard HH6601 'R-SIX'. Top speed: 20kts.

A short clip showing off the clear coat carbon finish hull for the HH6601