HH66-03 in Miami Prt2.
Take a walk through HH66-03 'Nala' and see for yourself her beautiful interiors.

HH66-03 in Miami Prt 1.
Taking it all in. Nala docked at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show this year.


Some cellphone clips from the commissioning team, taken whilst they sea trialed HH55-01 'Minnehaha'

A short clip from the team stepping the mast on HH55-01 "Miniehaha"

HH Catamaran HH66-03 flying a hull at 20+ knots on day 5 of sea trials. An excited Bruce Livingston (VP) caught it on camera from the starboard transom.
Gino Morrelli joins the HH Catamaran and R-SIX crew for the delivery aboard HH6601 from Cannes to Mallorca.

Welcome aboard HH6601. Take a tour of this impressive boat as she sails the blue waters of Mallorca.

Commissioning captain Chris Bailet shares onboard footage from R-SIX.


HH Catamarans begins sea trials on HH6601 in Xiamen, China.

A collection of footage from HH6601's launch day and sea trials.


Scenes from the HYM yard as the HH team prepares to launch HH6601.

The HH88 is a testament to the design brilliance of Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin.


Raw footage from sea trials aboard HH6601 'R-SIX'. Top speed: 20kts.

A short clip showing off the clear coat carbon finish hull for the HH6601