Les Voiles de Saint-Barth: Final Results

After a fantastic start to the event and 6601 team R-Six taking first place on day one, a combination of no wind and a technical issue with the asymmetrical gennaker meant third place on the final day and overall.

Its a great sport but a tough one and the R-Six boys are ready to do battle again. A huge congratulations to all competitors and a big thank you to the event organisers. See you next year!

HH66 R-Six
HH66-01 R-Six

Les Volies de St Barth

Some great photos are coming in from Les Voiles de Saint-Barth today and HH66-01 R-SIX is looking good.

Day one: First day of racing is over and a very big congratulations to R-Six Team 6601 who took 1st place today!
Day two: Third place today. Some technical problems with genaker resulted in a third place finish.  Still fighting for the top spot!

Day three: A combination of no wind plus technical glitch resulted in a DNF. After such a great Caribbean campaign so far, this was a tough result. But its a tough sport. Team R-Six had a great time and are ready to fight another day. 

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

Gino Morrelli is onboard Nala again this week for the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival. Here is his onboard report from yesterday's Nanny Cay Cup warm-up race.

BVI Spring Regatta Report:
March 28, 2017 - Nanny Cay Cup
Short course. 11nm. 7-10 kts TWS @205. Smooth water.

HH66 Nala, GB66 Extreme H2O, Kelsall 47 Triple Jack, Irens designed GB60 Arethusa, Outremer 5X Dominator

We on HH66-03 Nala got a good starboard tack pin end start to leeward and ahead of H20 with our J1. H20 were hampered by a daggerboard issue but slowly rolled us but tacked away. They found a bit more pressure on the right. Corinthian owner driver Jim Vos steered HH66 Nala all the way around the course. The 3.5 nm beat to Pelican Island was in 7-10 kts of breeze. We rounded 4 min back of Extreme H20. We reached the 2 nm to Flannigan Island and rounded second with Triple Jack third, Arethusa fourth and Dominator fifth.

We set our R1 reacher and headed back to Pelican. We made up some ground on H20 with better sail choice it seemed. Re-rounded Pelican island and headed back to Flannigan with our J1. Once clear, we beared away and set our A4 and chased after H20 back to Nanny Cay. At times sailing lower and faster. Results can be found on line. We finished 5:01 min behind H20 after 113 min of sailing or approx 4.4% .

Interesting for Nala is most of the time delta with Extreme H2O occurred on the first beat. Approx 4 min of the 5 min delta....

Remember to stay tuned this weekend for his daily reports from Tortola!

Press Release

Photo credit: Matt Hooper www.achromaticflare.com

Photo credit: Matt Hooper www.achromaticflare.com

HH66-03 Nala Pounces at the St. Thomas International Regatta stunning the fleet and taking 1st in Offshore Multihull Class.

HH Catamarans latest launch, HH66-03 Nala, took 1st Place in the Offshore Multihull Class at the St. Thomas International Regatta over the weekend, beating three Gunboat 60s and the previously unbeaten Bieker 53. The event marked Nala’s racing debut, and the strong performance out of the gate left little room for doubt that Nala will be a formidable opponent for the fastest amongst the Offshore Multihull fleet.

St. Thomas, USVI, March 29, 2017
A spectacular weekend of racing at the St. Thomas International Regatta wrapped Sunday, with the newly launched HH Catamarans HH66-03 Nala emerging as the champion of the Offshore Multihull Class. Amidst a tough fleet including three Gunboat 60s and the formidable Bieker 53, Nala sailed with shrewdness, speed and consistency, taking three 1sts and two 2nds and claiming 1st overall on the weekend.
HH66 designer Gino Morrelli joined the crew aboard Nala for their racing debut and weighed in each day with a recap of the day’s events:

STIR Day 1:
Race 1
: Won the downwind start, lead all boats in 6-12kts of breeze around the course to a bizarre finish? Course was shortened, maybe improperly? But we got the horn, called RC on VHF, they confirmed yes we had finished first but it did not feel right... after some hesitation and discussion on board we decided to continue the race out to the final island and back.. got windy and Fujin hunted us down in a full hull flying screaming reach! They passed us just shy of the 2nd finish!!

RC has not posted results but however it pans out we showed everyone Nala's fast! *Race committee eventually honored the original course after a protest from GB60 Arethusa. Nala finished with a 2nd place on corrected time.

STIR Day 2:
Race 2:
Fast and furious! Reaching start with one reef in 18-22 kts with puffs to 33... We escaped the start line first and low on the pin end. We screamed to the corner of the first island rocks hull flying with the Bieker 53 Fujin breathing down our necks. Rounded the rocks with Fujin but we made a better set to our A5, Hound height downwind sail. Fujin had a gear problem and couldn't raise their downwind sail. We rounded leeward mark first and headed back upwind to island turning mark. We rounded first with Fujin recovered and hot on our heels again! We power reached at 22-24 kts with top speed of 26.7 towards the finish. Fujin sailed over us with both boats screaming within a couple boat widths at times. Fujin finished less than a minute in front of Nala with the GB60's Flow and Fault Tolerant trailing. Arethusa had a DNS with a gear issue.

Race 3: Saw a slight drop in windspeed to 17-18 at start. We shook out our reef on Nala right before the reaching start. Fujin aggressively pivoted at start disrupting our perfect record of starts and they ended up early but blocked our pin end start forcing us to sail below the pin and jibe around with them chasing down GB60's Flow and Fault Tolerant. Fujin made a better recovery and quickly overtook the two GB60s. We overtook the two GB60s a few minutes later.
Fujin lead to the reaching mark and continued upwind to the weather mark. We followed several minutes later and set our A5 again. Surfing and sailing deep back to the leeward mark with Nala's crew whooping it up as we dropped in on the 6'-8' waves. We rounded the leeward mark and blast reached back to the finish behind Fujin and ahead of Flow and Fault Tolerant.

STIR Day 3:
Race 4: The reaching start with squared line in 17kts windspeed lead to a fast hull flying blast to corner of St Thomas island. We got a good pin end start with full main and North J1. We had the Bieker 53 Fujin to leeward and GB60 Flow to weather. We punched out quickly to a 4-5 boat lead and gave Fujin another hard reaching duel! Fujin sailed over us with both boats hull flying in the Caribbean sun! Fujin beat us to the corner, made a good set and lead us all to the downwind mark. We set our masthead North A4 asymmetric spinnaker. Fujin made a better layline call and jibed in to the leeward mark going 18-20kts. We followed 3-4 min later with GB60 Flow not far behind and GB60 Fault Tolerant behind them. GB60 Arethusa did not start for equipment reasons today. Fujin sailed mistake free back upwind to the corner and lead back to the finish on a tight reach. Fujin was first on elapsed and corrected. HH66 Nala was second on elapsed and corrected. GB60 Flow was third on elapsed and fourth on corrected and GB60 Fault Tolerant was fourth on elapsed and third on corrected.

Race 5: Last race... we on HH66 Nala were tied in points with Fujin at six each. Winner of this race takes all! Long course this time with half a dozen mark roundings, half a dozen islands or rocks to miss as well as ferries, barges and 20-30 other STIR competitors! Same reaching start in 17kts of breeze with full North 3Di main and J1. We rolled over Fujin at the start line to weather with a bit more pace. As usual she regained her ground and this time passed us to leeward on the way to the corner of St Thomas island and the short jump to the turning mark by St John. Fujin lead all the way around the course but never able to shake our dogged pursuit. We used our A4 big asymmetric downwind, our 3Di overlapping Solent upwind and Doyle A5 reaching back to the finish in 15kts true wind speed. In this race Bieker 53 Fujin took first on elapsed and third on corrected, HH66 Nala took second elapsed and first on corrected, GB60 Fault Tolerant took fourth on elapsed but second on correct and GB60 Flow took third on elapsed and fourth on corrected.

The newly formed Offshore Multihull Organization is handling ratings and scoring, with the rule designed to adjust based on measured performance. With the class gaining momentum and the owners committed to fun/fair racing, we expect to see lots of close racing moving forward. Next up on the schedule, the BVI Spring Regatta beginning on Friday 31st March 2017. Nala will see some serious competition with the Gunboat fleet’s top contenders Elvis and Extreme H2O joining in on the action. Fresh off the win at STIR and with a few allstars added to the roster, Nala is primed and ready to do battle for top honors. Stay tuned...

Newport-Bermuda Race 2018

The Newport-Bermuda Race is not just for monohulls anymore. 

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) have announced that multihulls will be welcomed into the 2018 edition of the Newport Bermuda Race 2018.

It is anticipated that there will be 10-15 multihulls on the starting line in June of 2018 if not more.  Owners have expressed interested in the past and some having heard of this announcement are already stating they will come.  Greg Gigliotti owner of “Tribe”, a Gunboat 62, said enthusiastically “Absolutely, We’re in!”.  Also committed is New York Yacht Club Commodore Phil Lotz with his Gunboat 60 “Arethusa”.  Commodore Lotz reached at the St. Thomas Spring Regatta spoke of his enthusiasm for the Gunboats, and the HH’s and other ocean-going multihulls from Morelli & Melvin, Nigel Irens and other leading designers to compete for the first-ever Bermuda Race multihull line honors.

Appropriate classes will be made within the multihull division, separating high performance, performance-cruising and cruising multihulls, using a new VPP-based rating system from the ORA called ORR-MH. Therefore, it will not just be a battle for line honors.

For more information, visit: http://bermudarace.com/2018-race/

HH55-01 Ready to Depart

We got our first look at the newly completed HH55-01 'Minnehaha' earlier this month whilst she was finishing her final days of sea trials. Her impressive, spacious interiors include sliding salon cockpit doors that open right out to create a large aft deck that flows seamlessly into the salon. The forward helm frees up the entire aft cockpit for more seating space, a large sun lounger and BBQ.

Commissioning captain Thomas Jonsson reported “Sea trials went exceptionally well. We placed every moving part under load, including opening and closing the large salon sun roof whilst under sail and powered up. Though we came close, we didn’t quite manage to fly a hull during trials. As usual, we tested the boat under different sail loads and varied sea conditions. We managed to reach 23 knots in 20 knots of wind and, even when we were sailing conservatively with reef and stay sail, we still easily reached our target speeds. Despite our best efforts, nothing broke!  I have sailed many boats in this category, high end race/performance cats, and I don’t believe I am easily impressed any more. However, the results we got on HH55-01 were exceptionally good all-round and I was certainly impressed.

Her owners came out to China to visit the yard and were here for the final few days of sea trials. Both were very impressed with their new boat’s performance and said she was “beyond all expectations”.

She is due to depart China at the end of this month, ready to make her way over to the USA where her new owners await.

Nala's Regatta Debut - 1st Place

As regatta season continues in the caribbean, HH66-03 'Nala' debuted with the 'Round the Rocks race on Thursday. The circumnavigation of St. John is a great warm-up for both boat and crew. Following this, they then faced off against multiple Hudson Yacht Group built Gunboat 60s and the Bieker 53 in the St. Thomas International Regatta.

What a race! On the final day HH66-03 'Nala' was tied in points with Fujin at six points each. Winner of the last race takes all! In the end HH66 Nala took second elapsed and first on corrected. She finished the regatta strong and secured 1st place overall.


First place in her first regatta, awesome work!

Big congrats to all the competitors and huge thanks to the Offshore Multihull Class organizers and to the excellent STIR team! 

HH66 St. Thomas International Regatta

Photos: Jay Keeshan, Ingrid Abery and Dean Barnes for St. Thomas International Regatta


RORC CARIBBEAN 600 RACE: HH66-01 R-Six met some fierce competition at this year’s Caribbean 600 but performed well in this grueling race. The two, purpose-built mod 70 racing trimarans, Phaedo 3 and Maserati, took first and second place almost breaking the race record. R-six come in a very respectable 3rd. Though barely 24 hours off the back of a trans-Atlantic crossing, R-Six team 6601 managed to turn the boat around and ready her for the 600-mile blast around 11 Caribbean islands. This was true testament to the durability, character and strength of both crew and boat. The Caribbean 600 was the team’s qualifying race for the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s famous Fastnet Race, due to take place in the UK in August this year.

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

Day 1: A great round-the-island race and a very respectable 2nd place finish for HH6601. R-Six Team 6601 shined upwind, catching and passing nearly the entire fleet at the windward mark.

Day 2: Another awesome day of racing and today’s two races saw the fleet battling it out in various conditions around the Southwest half of the island. R-Six Team 6601 had another great day, sailing strong upwind and fighting through adversity with stellar crew work and determination. They finished the day with a 2nd and 1st place corrected, putting them just one point behind the leader, Bieker 53 'Fujin', heading into the third and final day of racing.

Day 3: An incredible finish to an amazing St. Maarten Heineken Regatta! HH66-01 ‘R-SIX’ finished 2nd today on corrected time, evening the overall score with Bieker 53 Fujin. Both R-Six Team 6601 and Fujin finished the regatta with a total of seven points, with the tie breaker going to the boat that finished best in the final race. First overall went to Fujin, who sailed a great regatta and, at only seven tons, is lightning fast. We are thrilled with an incredible result and so proud of the boat and the team on R-SIX, who sailed a hard-fought regatta against some very experienced and well-sailed opponents.

Thanks to all the competitors, the Offshore Multihull Class, and the event organizers for a great weekend!

HH55-01: A First Look

Here is a first look at the impressively spacious interiors of HH55-01 'Minnehaha'. The sliding salon doors open right out to create a large aft deck that flows seamlessly into the salon. The forward helm frees up the entire aft cockpit to include a large sun lounger and BBQ.

Miami Boat Show 2017

We had a fantastic time at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show this year. This was HH66's american debut and we were thrilled to see HH66-03 'Nala' so well received. We also showcased our VR technology and a number of visitors were able to be the first ever to step aboard our HH88 and take a virtual look around her huge interiors. Together with the VR, we were also excited to introduce the HH48 for the first time and this new design received plenty of interest from visitors and, as a result, the first hull will go in to production this year!

All in all the show was a great success.

Thank you to everyone who came aboard to check out HH66-03 'Nala'. She is an impressive boat and we were very proud to have her at the show to debut HH Catamarans in the US.

HH55-01 Launches

HH55-01 named 'Minnehaha' finally launched this week and, in the foot steps of her bigger HH66 sisters, made her way from the boat yard to the Marina. Work will continue as final preparations are made for sea trials, due to commence this weekend. Congratulations to everyone bringing this amazing boat to realization.

Watch this space for the first sailing shots of this impressive boat.

Announcing: The New HH48

HH Catamarans announces its newest model, the HH48, adding to its line of luxury, performance, carbon fiber cruising catamarans.

Jupiter, Florida, February 02, 2017

HH Catamarans announced the newest addition in their new line of luxury, performance, carbon fiber cruising cats Thursday. Renowned naval architects Morrelli and Melvin will lead the design team and the yacht will be built by Hudson Yacht Group at its state-of-the-art production facility in Xiamen.

The HH48 will fill a void in the semi-custom high performance catamaran market - a robustly built, blue water capable, fast cruiser with intelligent yet simple systems ideally suited for the owner-operator. The 48 will adhere to HH Catamarans’ core philosophies: advanced design, lightweight construction and luxurious finish, but will aim to reach a slightly different audience. For the sailor who’s serious about safety, speed, comfort, technology and style, the HH48 will offer the best of all worlds in a compact, easy-to-manage package.

“I’m excited,” HH President Paul Hakes said, “we’ve been working through the conceptual stages of design for quite some time now. We feel the HH48 will appeal to discerning sailors that have been wanting an easier-to-manage bluewater catamaran with the quality of design and construction that make a great enduring yacht. Although smaller than the HH55, the living space inside is still plentiful. This remains a big volume boat with excellent payload capacity, meaning that even when fully loaded for world touring this boat will still perform to expectations. We have at least five prospects who have expressed serious interest in a slightly smaller, simpler version of our HH cats that can be run without crew. The HH48 will retain the best features and benefits of our existing models but will widen our market base by offering a top quality product that’s currently not available elsewhere."

Deck layout and sailing systems have been designed with the owner operator in mind. Dual helm stations aft provide excellent visibility and allow the helmsman total sail control from either side of the boat. Push button mainsheet and self-tacking jib are standard. For those who wish to optimize performance, a powerful 520 sqft overlapping solent is optional. All line handling is done from the helm stations, opening up the rest of the boat for living space. Future development will provide a new deck and interior layout, allowing for the option of a forward helm station, a popular option which allows for total boat operation from the safety and comfort of the saloon. Like in the larger HH models, the HH48 will have curved “C” daggerboards with optional push-button controlled line drivers. Fully retracted boards will yield a draft of 2.25 ft (0.68m), allowing the boat to comfortably navigate shallow waters.

The HH48 features a spacious general arrangement. The large saloon offers a generous sized galley to starboard with an island just outboard of centerline. Seating for six around a large dining table and a dedicated navigation station are to port. When at anchor the forward sail handling area easily converts to an a comfortable forward facing seating area. An attractive ‘eyebrow’ around the cabin top adds to the aggressive styling but is very practical in creating much needed sun shade in the saloon as well as creating a safety hand hold when walking the side decks. The aft cockpit is perfect for entertaining: an L-shaped settee and table set the stage for dining alfresco, made complete by an integrated wetbar and barbecue. Down below you’ll find a luxury queen cabin aft in each hull. On port side, the master, which offers an office/lounge space amidship with substantial storage space and a generous head and separate shower forward. The guest side is to starboard with separate head and shower amidship and a third cabin forward. Dual companionways allow easy access to the saloon from either starboard cabin.

According to HH in-house designer James Hakes, the team is confident the HH48 will establish a new benchmark for the owner operated performance cruising cat, “Our ultimate goal here is a quick, strong, user-friendly boat. With very modern lines the 48 is beautiful and makes a statement of quality and style. Practical and robust, it will be the perfect boat for a couple who want to sail around the world or a group of friends looking to island hop through the Caribbean or South Pacific. We haven’t forgotten the sailor looking to take home the regatta silverware; with Morrelli and Melvin’s renowned abilities to deliver vessels with enhanced performance, we’ve given the 48 a generous sail plan that is well balanced with advanced rudder and dagger foils, and lightweight carbon construction that will satisfy the racer too.”

Though pricing is not 100% finalized, the design brief for the HH48 allows for significant cost reduction in comparison to the larger HH models. Alternatives to carbon rigging and construction materials will be offered, as well as incentives for buyers who stick to the standard specification and a la carte options. Standard options will include dual aft helm steering stations or a forward helm station, three or four cabin layout, and many other standard possibilities to complete the package.

The HH48 design will undergo a final round of review and market feedback before tooling commences in the spring. The first hull is expected to launch in the fall of 2018. For more detailed information, including specification and pricing, contact the HH Catamaran sales team: sales@hhcatamarans.com.

HH66 Reviewed

HH66-01 'R-Six' has received plenty of glowing reviews recently including one from the guys at Multihulls World. Philippe Echelle from MHW came aboard R-Six last Autumn and joined the crew whilst they were sailing in the Mediterranean. You can read what he thought HERE.

During December we also had two members of the international press fly out to visit us here in China and inspect our boat building facilities. They joined the commissioning team aboard HH66-02 and got to experience how it feels to fly a hull aboard a 66 foot sailing cat.

You can read Zuzana Prochazka's review HERE and Billy Springer's HERE

Read more HH Catamaran reviews by visiting our press page.

HH66-05 in the Spraybooth

HH66-05 is in the spray booth right now receiving the final touches of her top coat. The Paint job is due to be completed later this month, for now here is a sneak peek at 66-05's hull color.

New Year, New Destinations

HH66-02 'Night Fury' departed from Xiamen last month and, after a 36 hour journey, arrived in Hong Kong just in time for the new year celebrations and a very impressive firework display. Originally scheduled for a transfer to Phuket, Thailand, Hong Kong was later chosen and it was certainly a fitting first destination for Night Fury's maiden voyage. Talk about a welcoming party! Hong Kong sure knows how to put on a show!

They encountered 4m swells along the way, but other than a few rough seas, the journey went well. From the HH team; Paul Hakes, Sebastian Dorckel, Jan Rossa, Thomas Jonsson, Jeff Lin and  Taka Wung all joined the owner's crew onboard for the transfer.

Night Fury will spend another day in Hong Kong before making her way north to Taiwan.

Here are a few photos from the transfer to Hong Kong from Jeff Lin: